D-Link Boxee Box

D-Link Boxee Box

Boxee evening revealed both the beta version of its software, including Boxee Box, the first hardware interface dedicated to personal television. Both the device and independent software has a new updated version of the front-end with a much more visual design that focuses on the menu, the tail of media assets and an improvement of the social networks of friends, Twitter and Facebook. Although it is still available for Mac and Linux 32-bit PC, the new beta is optimized for Windows and use DirectX on this platform and Flash 10.1 what gives the video hardware acceleration Flash using modern NVIDIA.

Boxee Three new applications have been added for all platforms, including defectors and their programs like Zero Punctuation, Suicide Girls and TV Guide on the Internet.

Loads Boxee box directly to the interface and has a unique "sunken design cube, each function remains intact, including access to Apple's movie trailers, television sites like ABC and CBS, and the like. It connects to the Internet via 802.11n Wi-Fi or Ethernet and can take any expansion slot via SD card or the front two USB ports on the back. HDMI is the only video output, but owners can choose either analog RCA or optical SPDIF for audio output.

A final release window has not given to the beta, but the image of Boxee presented by D-Link at CES and should ship sometime in the spring with prices starting at just about the time in the shop.


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